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Parmanu - A Pokhran Story

Cast : John Abraham | Diana Penty | Boman Irani

Music : Sachin - Jigar | Jeet Ganguli 

Rating : 4.5 out of 5

Full Review!

                    Director Abhishek Sharma setting up movie slowly, with details about mission, especially in case of American intelligence, satellite tracking. Parmanu is the story of Pokhran. Where in 1995 INDIA conduct it's own set of Nuclear tests. But the plan was failed to test of Nuclear, again in 1998 India show to the world power of Indians by doing Pokhran 2 tests and after which INDIA was recognized as a Nuclear Power on the global stage.

                  Movie is kind of fictional, inspired by real life event. Parmanu movie having right sense of National Pride. The story here little stretch, executing nuclear program within some days. But movies editing, execution keeps movie in suspense. John Abraham leads the film as of movie Captain and mission. With dramatic situation Boman Irani add his humaor in serious situation very nicely. Diana is also played her role well & others in supporting role as Indian scientists & soldiers.

                 Over all with little humor, drama , emotions , thrills & suspense movie going good till the end



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